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June 29, 2011
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Archangel-Class Superdread WIP by madeinjapan1988 Archangel-Class Superdread WIP by madeinjapan1988

The first ship of the Alliance's new EVOLVE series, the Archangel Superdreadnought is one of the most advanced ships in the galaxy. Actually smaller than the older Celestial-Class Superdreadnought, Archangel is viewed as the galaxy's first "Fast Superdreadnought." Capable of achieving a top sub-light speed of .025/.88(MAG Wall/MAG Burst), Archangel can keep up with the fastest battleships in the fleet and is designed around the Alliance's newest concept "The Fast Battlefleet."

As previously stated, Archangel's 5.5km long hulk is a full 500 meters shorter than the older Celestial-Class. However, that hull is married to 90% of the firepower, 180% of the counter-missile coverage/capability, the new 3-inch quad mass-drivers for point defense against frigates/corvettes, and an experimental high yield laser.

In addition, Archangel is clad in a new hybrid armor and uses the same material in its skeleton. Defined as a Fiber Reinforced Ceramic-Titanium Hybrid - this new material is much lighter than traditional Hardened Titanium and accounts for the ships light weight but improved strength and integrity (owning for its faster speeds).

However, Archangel's advancement's do not end there and many won't be fully realized till she leaves the shipyard.
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will this new laser become a standard part of the EVOLVE series like the phalanx was for the PRIME. Also when I looked through your writing of both the novel and website I though it was everyone against the Alliance, Im puzzled by friendship with the Veridians. Maybe a reference sheet of friends and foes is in order? just a thought. thank you creating such an amazing world and sharing it with us all.
madeinjapan1988 Jul 4, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
The Alliance isn't alone at all. There are other powers that are with it including the two micro super-power (the Atlanteans and the Adriaticans) as well as other smaller powers (the Veridians and the Archduchy of Alba). Together they all form the Interstellar Federation with the opposing, coalition driven Empyrean League forming the other side of the conflict.

As for EVOLVE, yes. The laser is standard as well as a NUMBER of new technologies that make the PRIME-NXGEN advancements look like meer "facelifts" :D
okay that makes more sense.I was mistaken then. Thanks or the clarification. As for the EVOLVE series Im very curious to see what other technical advances the alliance R&D department has come up with.
Holy Cow !!!
wow that looks mean man
Damn I love her lines! she is smooth. she looks formidable!
Damn I love her lines! she is smooth. she looks formidable!
Ok you win, I join the alliance instead to be captain of one of these :)

love it and it looks very high tech far more so than previous designs.
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