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December 27, 2010
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Renown-Class Bridge and CIC by madeinjapan1988 Renown-Class Bridge and CIC by madeinjapan1988
Buried deep within the hull of the Renown, the Bridge and Combat Information Center (CIC) is where the Captain of the ship coordinates the day to day operations of the ship as well as works with the crew during combat situations. Surrounded by an immersive holographic interface that accurately recreates the space surrounding the ship, the platform on which the bridge sits seems to hang in the depths of space, providing skippers an immersive and interactive view of the battlefield while retaining the safety and security provided by being buried behind layers of armor and shields.
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I love the colored flow chart of information. One of the best explanations I've seen for how a bridge crew operates. Easy to understand.
What are the lines that criss-cross the layout? Are they lines of communication from one station to another?
I had a similar idea myself for a starship bridge - holographic display surrounding a command "platform" on which the control stations are located. As such I have to rate this design quite highly (;)) but you've used your background to lend it an air of well-thought-out authenticity and plausibility that lifts it above other similar designs.
This is an interesting layout. I do wonder how it would look if you was it in real life. I can imagine it being a very impressive room if you walked into it. How does this CIC layout compare to the ones on vessels of different classes? For instance, would an Admiral-Class CIC look the same or have additional stations for the monitoring of the ship's heavy missile launchers?
madeinjapan1988 Jan 1, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Admiral's CIC's would be larger but not significantly larger.
love the design again, but was wondering what the dimensions of the Bridge
I like it a lot, but the paths of information do leave a few questions. I realize that information would be mostly done by 'uplink', but perhaps allowing for redundancy would be a smart move. Just as an example, putting the three sensor stations together instead of separating one from the group. Symmetry isn't always needed after all.
madeinjapan1988 Dec 28, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Every station was considered for a specific reason. The sensor Analyst was placed away from long range and short range sensor officers because sensor analysts job relates more directly with the work that the intelligence officer's work entails. That is to say that the two officers do most of their work together, with the long range and short range sensor officers doing little but feeding information to the analyst. The analyst is shown passing information back to the long range sensor officer but that is just a general hierarchy. The Sensor analyst, like the intel officer, can work directly with the XO to pass on results.

The separation of some of the other stations, like the port and starboard tactical officers is because unlike a bridge that just uses screens, spatial relation is important to the functions of the crews. The port and starboard fire control officers, depending on who the ship is engaging, can put 'eyes' on their targets and evaluate the battle space directly in front of them. In addition, the layout I put together puts all the combat critical officers directly around the skipper, giving him lines of communication to all the critical persons. That was my logic behind it and we all have different logic driving how we would do it.
Quote: "In addition, the layout I put together puts all the combat critical officers directly around the skipper, giving him lines of communication to all the critical persons."

That's why I have always favored the TOS and TOS movie bridge layouts. All stations and monitors within captain's casual glance.
madeinjapan1988 Dec 29, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yeah, but I also modified the trek concepts. I wanted to put combat critical officers around the captain but not every officer. That way the information during combat is distilled down and you get what you need regarding the actual battle information.
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